Cucumber owes its success to a community of volunteers who dedicate their spare time.


Akshay Kamath

I helped identify a few issues and fix a couple of them in the cucumber-eclipse plugin.

I am one of the maintainers and release manager of SpecFlow and work on the .NET parser of gherkin.

I first started using Cucumber in 2015, and have used it in most projects that I’ve worked on since then.

I started contributing to the cucumber-rails project in early 2018 and actively contribute to Aruba, the Ruby implementation of Cucumber and cucumber-rails where I can.

I’m the BDFL of the Cucumber project, which I started in 2008. I’m also co-founder of Cucumber Ltd and co-author of The Cucumber Book with Matt Wynne.

I try to stay on top of everything this community is doing and make sure it all hangs together.

I’ve been a fan, user, and contributor since first hearing about Cucumber at RailsConf 2009 (aka the best one ever). Started using and fixing some bugs in cuke4duke shortly after. I’ve more recently been involved with CucumberJS through maintenance of protractor-cucumber-framework.


David Kowis

I started contributing early in the life of cucumber-jvm by basically building the cucumber-jvm-jruby backend so that a cuke4duke run would go from 20 minutes to 2 minutes. It has come a long way since I did that work :)

I haven’t contributed as much since then, but I’m a huge advocate of BDD, and I love what the Cucumber Community is doing.


Dmitry Ledentsov

I’m a Cucumber user and fan, and have started a Cucumber wire adapter cucumber-tcl-wire based on the original cucumber-ruby-tcl, but for those with custom interpreters or without ruby in the picture. Not currently actively contributing apart from promoting use by means of sample repos and discussions in real life.

I’m a huge Cucumber supporter, Rubyist, Gopher, and host of the Phoenix chapter of the Ministry of Testing (twitter). I’ve mainly contributed to the cucumber-ruby repo in my time here, but have done some other bits and bobs like coordinating our changelog file homogeneity. My girlfriend and I currently live in the hot, hot heat of Arizona with our four furbaby cats.


Kyle Moore

I am one of the maintainers of the Gosu language. Contact me with issues regarding cucumber-jvm-gosu.

I tried to fix one bug…

Cucumber-JVM user as of January 2017, with both Java and Kotlin. Started contributing to Cucumber-JVM, documentation and other in the summer of 2017. Active on Cucumber Slack.


Matijs van Zuijlen

I’m the current Aruba maintainer and occasional contributor to and drive-by reviewer for Cucumber-Rails.

I was one of the first users of Cucumber in 2008 and joined the core team a year later. I wrote The Cucumber Book with Aslak, first published in 2011, and in 2013 co-founded Cucumber Ltd.

Cucumber was my first open source project, and I’m proud of what a broad and inclusive community we’ve become. I’m always happy to take time to help coach new or aspiring contributors.

I’m a Cucumber tourist and contributing fan. In 2017 I began contributing to various Cucumber projects.

I started using Cucumber in 2014 to introduce BDD in one of the project I was working on. The same year, my Bachelor’s thesis was focused on extending the Cucumber and Gherkin Ruby gems. Since then, I am a proud supporter of Cucumber and TDD and I love to see how this community and this project is growing day by day.


Samuel Wright

A documentarian who encountered Cucumber on Twitter via a Ruby conference in Portugal. Hopefully a force for good.

As a test infected developer, I started exploring executable specifications early 2011. Learned about Cucumber and just continued.

I’ve been a Cucumber user for about five years and one day I made some grammar and style changes to some of the docs. That was a great day!

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